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  1. How do I become a member of Hazina SACCO?

To join Hazina SACCO, download the membership application form from the website then submit the duly filled form together with a copy of your national ID and passport size photograph through the email address provided on the form.


Members who are on a check off system are also required to provide a copy of the current pay slip while individual members who wish to contribute directly to the SACCO are required to pay the non refundable membership fee of Kshs. 1,000 through Mpesa.

 Click here to downloand membership application form


  1. Can a person who is not a civil servant become a member of the SACCO?

             Yes. Hazina SACCO membership is open to:

                       a) Employees of -

                                   National Government

                                   County Governments

                                   Parastatals/State Corporations

                                   Private Organizations

                      b) Private individuals

                      c) Corporates and Chamas


 Click here to downloand membership application form


  1. What is the difference between BOSA and FOSA?

BOSA stands for Back Office Services Activities. Here, a member makes a prescribed minimum contribution (Non withdrawable deposits) every month. This money is used as collateral for loans in which you borrow 4 or more times. Such deposits are only withdrawable on cessation of membership; good thing is that you get back 100% of your savings.


FOSA stands for Front Office Services Activities. This is the banking arm of the SACCO which offers savings as well as transactional accounts to which you can access your money while you are still a continuing member of the SACCO. Such accounts may be used as a salary pay point and funds may be accessed through Visa branded ATMs, Mobile banking and over the counter at our FOSA. The ATM card can be used over the counter at all Co-op bank branches.


 Click here to Find out more about Bosa 

 Click here to find out more about Fosa 


  1. Do I have to call the SACCO in order to get my statement?

No. Members can access their statements through the online portal found on the SACCO website. Once on the portal, new users are required to click on REGISTER A NEW MEMBERSHIP and follow the prompts to receive a start key. The start key will be sent to the member’s mobile phone number and email that are in our records.


Click here to access Member Portal

  1. Can I continue with my membership after retirement?

Yes. You may continue with your membership as a private member while making minimum monthly contributions of Kshs. 1,000 together with the monthly welfare fund contribution of Kshs.200. The monthly contributions can be done through Paybill No. 850436, deposit to Hazina SACCO bank account or over the counter at FOSA. You can also use Hazina SACCO FOSA as your pension pay point and continue enjoying a variety of our products.

Members who have received retirement letters are allowed partial withdrawal of up to 50% of their deposits, while continuing to be members.


  1. If I look at my account balance through M-banking I see a share capital balance. What is share capital?

Share capital is a long term contribution invested in the SACCO by each member. It represents a member’s ownership of the SACCO and therefore forms part of SACCO equity. Share capital earns dividends at the end of every year.


  1. Can I change my monthly contributions?

Yes. Download and Fill the change in Payroll form then send the form to info@hazinasacco.or.ke.


  1. When withdrawing membership how long does it take to refund my deposits? And does Hazina SACCO refund all my shares?

Member’s deposits are refunded after 60 days of receiving written membership withdrawal instructions. This will require that a member has cleared all liabilities to the SACCO and has been replaced as a guarantor for any loans guaranteed by the member.


A member is refunded 100% of their deposits. Share capital is not refundable on cessation of membership but can be transferred (sold) to another member.



  1. How do I know if I qualify for a loan with the SACCO?

Members qualify for loan after four (4) months of active membership.For Jibu loan its accessible the Second month after receiving first deduction for check off members.

Loans are advanced at 4 times of a member’s deposits, at 4.5 times of a member deposit for first time loanees and are subject to ability to pay. A member’s ability to pay is determined through the pay slip and/or certified bank statements for six months. Members can access the loan calculator through the online portal.

 Click here to access Member Portal

  1. Can a member have more than one loan?

Yes. A member can have more than one loan, subject to the member’s deposits and net salary.


  1. How do I pay for a loan or boost my deposits using Mpesa?

To make payments through Mpesa, Go to Lipa na Mpesa, enter business number 850436, enter the account number which is your ID number plus the code representing the specific product that you are paying for. e.g. 12345678NOM for Normal Loan. Mpesa payment codes can be obtained from our website https://www.hazinasacco.or.ke/hazina-paybill .


  1. What is the difference between Flash Advance and Mobi Loan?

Flash Advance is open to all members and is repaid through Mpesa Paybill while Mobi loan is open to members who process their salary through FOSA and is recovered from the FOSA account.


  1. How do I pay for Flash Advance loan?

Flash Advance is repaid through Mpesa Paybill no. 850436. Use your ID number plus code FLA as the account number e.g. 12345678FLA.


  1. I delayed to repay Flash Advance loan and it was recovered from my deposits. What should I do so that I can borrow again?

Defaulted Flash Advance loan including penalties should be repaid in full to reinstate the deposits utilized to clear the loan balance before a member’s status is updated.


  1. Do I need guarantors when taking a loan? What is the loan is less than my deposits?

Loans advanced to members must be fully secured. Security for loan can be in form of guarantors or other collateral such as land, motor vehicle, fixed deposits or shares at the stock exchange.

Members taking loans less than their deposits can guarantee their loans (self guarantee) using their deposits but only if they have not guaranteed other members.


  1. How do I apply for Dividend Advance?

Dividend Advance is accessed through mobile banking by dialing *850#, enter PIN and select option 6 for loans, then select option 5 for Dividend Advance.


  1. Can Hazina SACCO buy off loans advanced to members by other financial institutions?

Yes. A member is required to provide the SACCO with a certified statement that shows the loan balance from the other financial institution. The member will then apply for a loan based on his/her deposits in the SACCO or net salary (for members who process their salary through the SACCO) and the member’s ability to pay.


  1. How do I know how much interest I will pay on my loan?

Interest is applied monthly on the principle loan balance. This implies that as the loan reduces, the interest charged reduces as well. Interest is due on 5th of every month.




  1. How do I withdraw money using M-banking?

You withdraw funds by dialing *850# or downloading the Hazina SACCO App from Google Play Store. A member must have filled the mobile banking application form to access mobile banking services.


  1. I downloaded the Hazina SACCO App but I cannot access the service.

To access services through the APP or USSD code *850#, you are required to fill the mobile banking application form. You will receive the Start Key on the registered mobile phone number.


  1. How Do I reset my mobile banking PIN

Fill the mobile banking application form and send to fosa@hazinasacco.or.ke.

 Click here to download mobile Banking Form


  1. Do chama members benefit from the welfare fund?

The welfare fund covers individual members only. Chama members are encouraged to join the SACCO as individual members so that they can benefit from the welfare fund.


  1. How do I make a benevolent claim to the SACCO after losing a family member?

The next of kin is required to submit a letter from the employer, area chief or delegate confirming the occurrence of the case and relationship to the member and a stamped burial permit.

The following additional documents are required:

Spouse:  A copy of marriage certificate or affidavit is required.

Child: Copy of deceased’s birth certificate/birth notification.

Parent: A copy of member’s birth certificate and copy of national ID for the deceased.


The documents requested above will help the SACCO in verifying the information that is provided.


For more details contact us on

Telephone: 020-2719098/2722106

Mobile: 0701819685-0701820219-0735926900

P.O Box 59877 – 00200 Nairobi

Email: info@hazinasacco.or.ke