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As our Society has continued to grow, there has been an urge to provide a one stop shop for all our members’ financial needs. Towards this end, the Sacco operates a FOSA to meet members’ banking needs hitherto provided by banks. The FOSA also extends additional financial products and services to complement those offered by the back office.



  • Provision of saving facility to members
  • Enable processing of members’ salaries and dividend payments
  • Provide short and long term credit at competitive interest rates.
  • Provide ATM services (through Sacco Link Card), thus easy access to funds
  • Encashment of Cheques
  • Sale of bankers cheques
  • Offering standing orders to account holders
  • Enable Sacco payments to members through their FOSA accounts


  • The FOSA services are for all members of the Society.


  • FOSA account application form
  • Passport size photo
  • Copy of National ID / passport
  • Birth certificate for Jewel account holders

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