Mobile Banking Procedure Manual

Mobile banking is a service provided by Hazina Sacco that will allow our Members to conduct Sacco transactions remotely using a mobile device. Members will apply for this service by filling the prescribed forms and dropping it to our Sacco Offices

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Mobile banking manual is as follows

  1. By use of ussd code





After you enter your account it will prompt you to enter amount to withdraw



Then once you press okay another message telling you that your transaction is being processed will appear




Then you will receive a message showing you the last 5 transactions in your FOSA


Once you select BOSA it will then prompt you to select transfer to deposits and transfer to share capital


Then it will prompt you to select the salary account to transfer from and the amount and it will transfer


  Click here to download mobile banking Form

  1. By using an App

The mobile application also comes with an App that allows android phone users to be able the easily accessible app to do the same transactions but in a simpler way

Below we have instructions to download and use the mobile app


  1. Download the app from play store by typing hazina sacco


  1. Once you have gotten it install it



  1. Once you have downloaded and installed open the app open it


  1. Once you open the application and read the instructions you will be asked to verify your mobile number (This is the number you used to apply the mobile banking with and a verification text will be sent to that number and you will be asked to enter the verification code to proceed)


  1. When you activate you will use your pin that was issued at activation or that you might have changed to log into the app


  1. Once in you will see the menus that are there and are easily accessible





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