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Current Location
Nairobi Province, Nairobi

Who we Are


Hazina Sacco Society Limited is a nationwide Savings and Credit Co-operative Society established in 1971 and registered under Co-operatives Societies Act (Cap 490) of the laws of Kenya with the main objective of offering its members an opportunity to accumulate their savings, thereby creating a source of loanable funds. 

Currently, the Society has over 16,000 active members.


Eligibility for Membership

Membership to the Sacco is voluntary. Our members are drawn from;

  1. National Government employees
  2. County Government employees
  3. Private individuals
  4. Parastatals
  5. Private Organizations
  6. Members’ spouses and children
  7. Chamas
  8. Corporate members


  1. Duly filled Enrolment form
  2. Two passport photos
  3. Copy of National identity card
  4. Current payslip for members contributing through check-off system

Entrance Fee

Individual membership-Kshs.1000/-

Corporates                   -Kshs.3, 000/-

Chamas                        -Kshs.3, 000/-

Rejoining Fees             -Kshs. 2,000/-



Nominee cards are filled at the time of enrolment.  The forms can be updated by the member as and when circumstances change and should be duly witnessed by members of Hazina.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital is ksh.13, 000; however, it increases by Ksh.1, 000 annually