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FOSA Loans

1. Karibu Loan

  • Granted to FOSA account holders whose salary passes through Fosa or with regular savings
  • Recoverable through standing orders from savings account, direct payment or salary.
  • Amount up to ksh.4 million,
  • 3 months FOSA savings account statements/ pay slips required
  • Repayment period of up to 48 months
  • Interest charged at 1.25% p.m on reducing balance

2. Karibu Loan (Top-up)

  • This is available at least after six (6) months of repayment
  • Interest rate of 1.2% per month on reducing loan

3. HSF Okoa Advance Loan

  • Interest rate 1.2% per month
  • Maximum repayment period 12 months
  • Maximum loan Kshs 250,000.00
  • Guaranteed by at least two FOSA account holders

4. HSF Special Advance Loan

  • Interest rate 1.2% per month on reducing balance
  • Maximum repayment period 24 months
  • Maximum amount Kshs 400,000.00
  • Guaranteed by at least two FOSA account holders

5. Hisa Loan

  • This is a credit facility to boost deposits for loaning purposes
  • An interest of 5% is charged
  • The interest as well as the Hisa Loan will be recovered from the Loan issued


In case of default, guarantors are attached without any given notice


  • Guaranteed by at least 2 members who are FOSA account holders or Collateral security as per policy
  • M.O.U with the employer for an irrevocable change of pay point for salaried employees
  • Other FOSA account holder requires irrevocable standing order from savings account
  • Members’ own Deposits without loans in BOSA will be used for security in both FOSA loans & advances


  • Bankers Cheques
  • Hazina Sacco Cheque encashment
  • Dividend payment
  • Standing orders
  • EFT and RTGS
  • ATM card processing and PIN regeneration services.


  • Ensure that they maintain the minimum balance
  • Report to Sacco loss of ATM card
  • Uphold confidentiality of account information
  • Report any discrepancy in the account
  • Pay charges pertaining to the account
  • Payment of loans and other fees as per the agreement
  • Keep safely their ATM card and PIN

Coming up with products that suits member’s needs


  • Ensure proper and accurate records are kept
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Issue members statement upon request
  • Offer service to members as required


  • ATM at Co-operative Bank or any VISA branded ATMs
  • Over the counter deposit and withdrawals of up to Ksh.300,000.00
  • Direct credits and debits through Co-operative Bank
  • P.O.S (Co-op Kwa Jirani Agents)

M-SACCO-Cloud Pesa (Coming Soon)