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1. Normal/ Development Loan

  • Normal loans given to new members at 4 times their (Subject to the 1/3 rule).
  • An interest of 1% per month on reducing balance is charged.
  • Maximum loan


Individual member- Kshs. 30 million repayable within 72 months

Chamas-Kshs30 million

Corporate-Kshs.40 million repayable within 18 months

Note: Members who wish to clear their outstanding normal loans by cash and get new normal loan without having to wait for the stipulated period of three months, will be required to pay a 5% interest on redemption from the loan approved.


2. Top-Up Loan

  • This loan is treated as a normal loan; it is available after servicing the normal loan for at least 6 months.
  • Interest on redemption of 8% is charged on total outstanding loans down from 10% w.e.f September, 2017.
  • The 8% interest and the outstanding balances are reduced from the new loan.
  • Member to qualify for TOP-UP after repaying previous for 8 months or must have repaid at least 11% before being advanced another..


3. School Fees & College Fees Loans

  • A maximum of Kshs. 500,000/- per member per year, repayable within 12 months.
  • Nursery to secondary school fees loan maximum is Kshs. 200,000/- per member per year repayable within 12 months.
  • An interest of 1% per month on reducing balance is charged.


4. Super Loan

Super loan is advanced at 4 times members deposits with a repayment period of 84 months at an interest rate of 1.2% on amortization basis.


5. Emergency Loans

  • For unforeseen emergencies.
  • Maximum loan dictated by ability to repay and observe the 1/3 rule.
  • Repayable within 12 months.
  • An interest of 1% per month on reducing balance is charged.


6. Emergency (Top-Up)

This facility is now available to all members.

  • 5% of outstanding emergency loan is charged
  • The repayment period is 12 months
  • Interest is 1% on reducing balance


  1. Members are required to be familiar with the Society’s current Loan Policy.
  2. Duly filled loan application form.
  3. Attach one original current pay-slip (not more than two months old to the date of application)
  4. A copy of National ID Card showing both sides.
  5. Private members to use own deposits for guarantor ship of up to 95%.


7. Hisa Loan

This is Boosting of deposits

Members have an option to borrow cash from FOSA at a cost of 5% in order to boost deposits or clear an outstanding loan balance to make the member qualify for a loan

The cost is recovered from the Loan issued 


  1. Access to loans of up to Ksh.30 million based on Shares/deposits
  2. Access to salary based loans of up to Ksh.4 million
  3. Access to salary advances
  4. Enjoy attractive interest on benefits
  5. Enjoy attractive dividends on Shares
  6. Get an excellent avenue to save for your retirement
  7. Enjoy continuous loan processing
  8. Be a share holder of a fast growing Sacco



  • Members contribute Kshs. 100.00 monthly to a welfare fund and upon death, the Society provides; Kshs. 100,000/- Principal Kshs.75, 000/-    Spouse Kshs.50, 000/- per child for two children in a year and Biological Parents. Kshs 30,000/-.

NB: Each member to be considered independently in cases where member and spouse are members.

  • Members should provide the Society with details of the immediate family members to facilitate this. A letter of notification of death should be sent to the Society as soon as the member or member(s) of family passes away.

 NB: For a speedy processing of refund of deposits to the next of kin of a deceased member, the following information must be provided immediately after the death of member:

  • Original Death certificate
  • Burial permit
  • Original Last payslip

Copy of ID card for the deceased