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Current Location
Nairobi Province, Nairobi

Membership Eligibility

Who Can Join Hazina Sacco Society?

  • Any person can join Hazina Sacco from all the segments of the market including:
  • Public Service employees.
  • Other Government Ministries and Parastals
  • Employees of Hazina Sacco Society
  • National Government & County Employees
  • Employees of Private organizations & Parastatals,
  • Private Individual members,
  • Chamas & Corporates

Individuals interested in joining Hazina Sacco shall fill in membership application form and forward to our offices together with:

  1. Copy of National Identity Card
  2. A passport size photograph.
  3. Current pay slip for members contributing through check off system
  4. Filled Nominee Form
  5. Pay entrance fee of Ksh. 1,000.
  6. Make minimum monthly contributions of Ksh. 1,000 or 5% of the basic salary, whichever is higher.
  7. Take up the minimum share capital within the first 12 months of membership. The minimum share capital as at 31st December 2021 was Ksh. 16,000. Subsequently, every member shall continue to contribute Ksh. 1,000 annually.
  8. Contribute Ksh. 200 monthly to the welfare fund. The fund covers death of the principal member, spouse, two (2) children per year and biological parents.