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FOSA Accounts

1. Ordinary Savings Account:

  • Minimum operating balance of Kshs. 500
  • No limit on withdrawal
  • Minimum balance to earn interest will be Kshs. 3,000
  • Competitive Interest rate

Funds can be accessed through co-operative Bank ATMs, over the counter, Co-op Agents as well as Visa branded ATMs

2. Premium Savings Account:

  • Minimum operating balance Kshs 1,000/=
  • Minimum interest earning balances Kshs 5,000/=
  • Competitive Interest rate
  • Withdrawal is quarterly.

3. Jipange Savings Account:

  • Minimum account balance Kshs 500/=
  • Minimum monthly contribution Kshs 500/=
  • Minimum balance to earn interest Kshs 10,000/=
  • Withdrawal is after every six (6) months of savings
  • Competitive Interest rate

4. Fixed Deposit Account

  • Minimum Deposit Kshs 20, 000/=
  • Minimum deposits period three (3) months
  • Interest rates negotiable which vary with amount and period
  • Forfeits interest if money recalled before maturity

5. Jewel Savings Account

This account aims to Cultivate and encourage the culture of saving and financial awareness in your child.

Features & Benefits

  • Account for members’ children under 18 years
  • Minimum operating balance of Kshs. 1,000.00
  • Limited withdrawals: 3 free Bankers Cheque for school fees
  • No ATM service on this account
  • Interest earning threshold 3,000/-
  • Competitive Interest rate 
  • Children receive a birthday card every year