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Chamas /Groups and Corporate Membership

These are groups / Chamas and Companies registered under Social Services and companies Act respectively. Chamas /Groups and corporate shall be classified under class – C membership.

Eligibility for Group Membership.

Each group must be registered by Registrar of Societies. The registration certificate must have a current stamp stamped within the year by Social Service. Each group member must be a Kenyan citizen aged 18 years and above. 

Group Membership Joining Requirements

The group is required to fill the membership application form and attach the following:

  • Minutes listing all members with members’ signatures authorizing the officials to join the Sacco.
  • Group constitution.
  • Group registration certificate
  • Copies of National I.D. for group officials and the group members.
  • Pass port photograph for group officials.
  • KRA PIN for each group official.
  • Home Address for each group member.
  • Each group must have 4 signatories to the account who are 3 group officials and one group member.
  • Pay entrance fee of Ksh. 3000.00
  • The group shall save a minimum of Ksh. 5000.00 per month in deposits.


Each group to save a minimum of 5000.00 shillings per month in deposits. They should deposit their savings in the Sacco in the following ways; Deposit in Sacco’s Coop bank account and submit receipt to the Sacco. Deposit by cash at FOSA. Payment through paybill number of the Sacco


Loaning shall operate within the loaning policy except that:-

Hazina Sacco will only give a loan to the group. Any individual in a group who wants a loan will be required to open his/her individual account as a private member independent from the group.

 Requirements for a Chama to Qualify for a Loan Facility

Consistent contributions for 4 months. A fully filled application form with signatures of signatories and one member. Group minutes authorizing for loan application. Purpose of the loan must be within the Group/Chamas constitution. Form committing the officials.

 Loan Appraisal

For a loan exceeding the group savings, extra collateral must be provided. Consistency in monthly savings is checked. Ability to pay to be based on 50% of average monthly savings for last 6 months.


-Group/chamas members will be used to guarantee the loan in full using deposits contributed by individuals.

-The loan shall also be secured approved collaterals as per the policy.

- The loan can as well be partly guaranteed by members and partly by collateral

Defaulted Loans

In case a Chama or an individual within a group defaults in repaying the loan, recovery is done as follows;

Recovery is done from pledged depositsIf not sufficient, finally recovery is done from sale/ auction of the pledged items i.e. disposal of collaterals by the Auctioneers.Incase recovery from collateral is more than defaulted amount plus Auctioneer’s charges, the balance is refunded to the customer.

 Approval and Disbursement

For control purposes needed in group management, a group should not be issued with an ATM and their loan disbursement should be done through FOSA.

At least two signatories must physically present themselves for cash withdrawal across the counter with the other signatory and one member having signed for them.

Dividends and Representation in the ADM

The groups are paid dividends at the same rates with class A and B The groups have no representation in the ADM and therefore have no voting rights


- Withdrawal from membership by a group should be backed by minutes from members of the group authorizing the same with each member I.D. and Signature indicated.

- Group/Chamas shall terminate membership in the Society through the following ways:



-Public interest